Based in the Midwest.

Serving Clients in the Midwest and Beyond

It is no secret that the building materials distribution business is very specialized and requires extensive knowledge of various building products. The logistics of importing and exporting require a thorough understanding of the import and export process, including consolidation, loading of containers and all flat racks and the processing of appropriate documentation. With many years of experience, over 40 employees, and large distribution centers stocked with diverse product, we at Norris Pro are confident we can deliver the best bulk pricing anywhere. 

We exist to make multi-family professionals more efficient.

Our Company

Working with BNOR Pro, builders and developers transform their apartment and multifamily communities into memorable and comfortable places to live. If something gives a unit that special look and feel, we have it — from countertops to cabinets and windows to washing machines. If we don’t make it on-site, our location and industry relationships give us quick, cost-effective access to whatever our clients need.

Trust our years of experience as a leading multi-family supplier of apartment cabinets, countertops, appliances and more.


Our Roots

What began as a small construction firm in America’s Midwest has grown and flourished into the region’s largest private construction company.